Early days yet but I’m just way, way, WAY too excited to keep a lid on this for much longer.

I’ve been working with Chris, creator of MCTRL NES MIDI interface to provide MIDI sync with my software. So far we’ve got PR8 working and even in it’s basic state it nothing short of holy awesome!

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be solidifying the feature set and (with any luck) applying it to NTRQ, Pulsar and cajoNES (as well as PR8).

Chris has put his heart and soul into the MCTRL and it really deserves your attention.

Watch this space! :D

2 comments to NES MIDI Sync: MCTRL

  • Circuit Ben

    Just started using NTRQ using my Everdrive n8, i’m a veteran circuit tinkerer, and my other half is a programmer, we’ve had so many conversations on how to get this to work, it’s untrue.

    So excited, so, so excited.

    I heard you say you don’t have a famicom at one point? I’ve got some boards sitting around if you’d like one, it’s the least I can do for you providing such great software.

  • Infunichibu

    Excited, interesed, hyped, and many more.
    Im waiting for next update of your progress.

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