cajoNES V1.0

Thought it was about time I threw this out into the wild as I’ve been sat on it for ages now and just not had the time to add all the features I wanted to.

If people find it interesting enough then I might try to find some time to work more on the sync stuff but a combination of being ridiculously busy (more on that soon) and my NTSC NES died has meant it’s been a struggle to spend any constructive time.

Anyway, here’s cajoNES:

NES Audio

I included the save file that you can see/hear in the demo which should help you get started. Note though that the save file only works with cajoNES Deluxe and for that you’ll need an emulator that supports (8K) battery saving (I think most do). I had some issue with cajoNES and my Powerpak cart too which meant for some reason the saving wasn’t working. I don’t know if it was a mapper issue at the time as there have been updated ones but I’ve not been able to test because of the dead NES problem.

As always, if you enjoy using my stuff please consider making a donation – charity link at the bottom of the nes-audio website.
Peace and love,


1 comment to cajoNES V1.0

  • Yogi

    You ROCK!!! Been waiting to get my hands on this, THANK YOU!
    P.S. Glad to hear you’re busy, that’s a good thing, even though you have less time for these fun things!

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