Happy PR8 Day! <3

PR8 V0.99 available to download from the Downloads page.

Plenty to read. Please, please have a look at the ‘readme.txt’ file.

I’ve added a ‘Quick Start’ section to the manual to help get you going.

There’s also a .sav file, ‘pr8_ex.sav’ which has some example Patterns and sounds. You can load this with PowerPak, most emulators will require you to rename it to match the ROM name (‘PR8.SAV’). Please remember that the only emulators that will run PR8 currently are Nestopia and the latest dev build of Nintendulator.

To browse the Patterns in the example .sav file, hold B and tap up to go to the Pattern number (PTN) and then hold A and tap RIGHT (or L/U/D) to change the Pattern (the new Pattern won’t play until you release A and the current Patten ends).

00 Weird multi-voiced ‘pad’ with slow attack
01 Drum beat using DCM, noise and triangle
02 Add a simple bass-line using 2 pulse voices
03 Add some two-voice pulse chords with attack and vibrato
04 Different beat with pulse bass that has slower attack
05 Add more to the drums
06 Add some minor arpeggio chords
07 Add some bleeps and tweak the bass line a bit
08 Silly ‘old game’ style Pattern to show something different :)
09 Variation of 08, echo delay is shortened
0A Two pulse bass-line with pitch sweeping
0B And then add some drums to that
0C Different pattern with 50% swing
0D Add synth line
0E Synth line is cloned and dropped an octave, echo delay increased

Have fun! :)

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