PR8: New Year, New Video

Another short video to show some new stuff.

Solo the bass sound on the top track. This really shows off some of the power of PR8. It’s using two 50% square waves, the second one detuned slightly. I’ve automated the Duty setting of the second one too so in the phrase it’s Duty is being changed to 00% and 12% on key notes.

A new feature I added recently was Multi-Parameter Automation. In this example, if you look at the bottom of the Drum Patch there is a “MLW” parameter (next to T1). This sends automation values to the LFO Width on Voices A, B and C. I’m using this to add a touch of vibrato to a note towards the end of the phrase.

Just tweaking the Patch a bit so you can hear the two square voices working together to create a really rich sound.

Something else I added. If you remember the Hard Frequency effect that I first showed in Pulsar (where constantly writing to the upper frequency registers of the two square voices produces a kind of distortion), I’ve got the same feature in PR8. This time though, the Hxx setting in the Drum Patch voices sets the amount of time from the beginning of the note that the effect is heard. This gives you quite a cool ‘bite’ to the start of sounds. Here I mess about with the time so you can hear how it just subtly adds a touch of distortion to the bass sound.

Pattern stopped. You can hear the auto-echo is also working on this bass sound. In fact auto-echo is working on Voices A, B and D now and you can set it per-Pattern (A/B/D on/off, A/B/D level, feedback speed and feedback decay) for super flexibility.

Bass line back again and then add in the hi-hats and drums. (This development version of PR8 now has the ‘Amen’ break chopped up into samples).

Some interesting stuff here. Pause the video for a second. If you look at the 1st and 5th tracks you’ll see that they’re both assigned the same sound (DRM 03). This is the bass synth sound. The two tracks are both assigned different phrases though (00 for the 1st track and 12 for the 5th). The way PR8′s priority system works (remember, tracks are virtual and in this example both tracks will be trying to use the two square voices at the same time) is that the lower down the grid, the higher the priority. If you look at the note placement in both tracks (phrases), you’ll see that at some points there are notes in the column for both. In this case, the note on the 5th track will be heard because it’s lower down the grid. Sometimes though, there are gaps in the 5th track and notes in the 1st. In these cases the note on the 1st track will be heard. Play the video again. The phrase on the 5th track is soloed.

The rest of the tracks are activated again and you can see (and hear) that the original bass line is muted.

When I switch the original bass line back on, you can hear that some key notes can be heard, even though the phrase on the 5th track is playing for most of the time.

I mute the 5th track so you can hear the original bass again.

I raise the notes on the 5th track by an octave and bring it back in again. Sounds a bit odd but you can hear the key notes from the 1st track poking through more.

Dropped the 5th track down by two octaves for an interesting effect.

Turned all the other tracks off so you can hear the two bass lines working together.

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