NTRQ Tools Updated (V1.2)

After I’d uploaded the ROM patcher I saw a clearer and better way to handle to patching of the NSF exporter (or more specifically, I saw a way to avoid having to patch it!) so here’s the new versions of both “NTRQ2NSF” and “DCM2NTRQ”.

One other nice improvement is you now can (have to) specify text for the “Song Name”, “Composer Name” and “Copyright” fields in the NSF header/meta-data.

I’d overlooked that in the first release so all of your NSF used to have my name in the metadata. Sorry! :)

I’ve also included a new text file which is a little guide to using the tools though the hint/help text is still displayed by both tools if you try to run them without any parameter (or enough parameters :) )

New version of NTRQ not required for this release so I’ve released the tools in their own ZIP package.

Download NTRQ Tools V1-2

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