Some news….some good news!

Wow, I didn’t realise it has been almost a month since I last posted on the blog. I have been super busy though with all manner of stuff and I seriously needed a break from NTRQ. Seriously.

Anyway, I decided to fire up the assembler at the weekend and just re-familiarise myself with NTRQ – didn’t take long, it’s like riding a bicycle :) A very unwieldy and complicated bicycle. A music penny farthing I guess.

So, after a lot of chin scratching I managed to make the thing blurt out a .NSF file from a NTRQ.SAV file. Oh yes :D


(Sorry for the .zip file, for some reason WordPress doesn’t like .nsf)

Just need to make a quick command-line tool to turn your .sav files into .nsf and I’ll release it, forthwith! Time to dust off my shaky C skills. Here we go :)

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