PR8: It's close...

Been doing some general tidying and bug fixing and also putting together demo sounds and patterns for some tutorials. The video is just to show off PR8′s sonic dexterity. The only new things to see are the new LEN parameter which sets the number of steps that a Pattern plays for (1 to 16) and [...]

PR8: Not Just For Drums...

This was an unplanned video (and quite a long one) but I thought I’d share it with you. I’d recorded it last night but didn’t get chance to post a link to it because I thought YouTube had crashes. Turns out it had uploaded after all.

While doing some debugging last night, it amused me to [...]

Pulsar: Auto Reverb?

Just thought I’d share this quick video with you all.

Purely by accident I discovered how you can kind-of emulate a reverb type effect using Auto Echo.

What I did was put the same phrase on the two pulse channels and then by setting the Auto Echo on one channel with a fast delay setting and the [...]


OK, it’s not a new thing but Pulsar finally has my (auto) single-voice-echo effect!

Compared to NTRQ, the echo in Pulsar is available on the noise voice as well as the two pulse-wave voices. You can have a different echo setting on all three voices. The echo buffers are also much bigger (due to actually using [...]

Pulsar Synth Demo 1

Here’s a quick demo of where I am with the new synthesis engine which will (hopefully) form the foundation of a new tracker, “Pulsar”.

Pulsar Demo

As I mentioned before, it’s running at 240hz (updated 4 times per frame) which makes for some interesting effects.

Load up the ROM and you can modify some of the synth [...]