I don’t think this is worth another new release but I thought I’d make you aware of a bug spotted by Thomas Horton.

Somehow, I managed to get the two Song Commands, “Set Master Volume” and “Fade Volume” the wrong way about in the on-screen hint text and in the manual. The text and manual stated [...]

Tutorial #4: Arpeggios, Duty Modulation & Auto Echo!

This will be the last one for a little while – I don’t have time to do any more at the moment. This one is a juicy one though so should keep you busy.

Same setup as before, here’s a .sav file of where you should end up when you’ve done the tutorial (depending on how [...]

Tip #2: Getting Started With NTRQ

I had a quick go at making a basic tutorial. It turned out quite big

Let me know how you get on with this – too much detail, not clear enough, not enough pictures?

Also attached is a .sav file that you should end up with at the end of the tutorial. You’ll have to [...]

Happy Easter!

Go get it from the Download page…

NTRQ V1.0 Released

For help and support, use the forums.

Finally! Pitch Slide + Arpeggio != FAIL

This is one of those things that’s bugged me for a while.

Without wanting to go into too technical an explanation, adding arpeggios to a pitch slide on the NES is not particularly straight forward. The NES’s pitch is not linear so (unless you’ve implemented a method to create linear pitch sliding, which I haven’t in [...]