Y’all need to check out Andy Lemon (ne7) and his blog about how to put NTRQ, Pulsar or PR8 onto a real NES cartridge. Yep, that’s correct – REAL CARTRIDGE!


Massive kudos to Andy for his frankly outstanding work in making this happen

PR8/Pulsar: Update V0.99a/V1.02

Don’t get too excited, there’s nothing cool about this update

PR8 V0.99a and Pulsar V1.02 on the Download page.

In response to a couple of issues I’ve added a check at boot-up to determine whether or not the emulator you are using properly supports 32K save files.

If you get this screen (from PR8, similar [...]

Happy PR8 Day! <3

PR8 V0.99 available to download from the Downloads page.

Plenty to read. Please, please have a look at the ‘readme.txt’ file.

I’ve added a ‘Quick Start’ section to the manual to help get you going.

There’s also a .sav file, ‘pr8_ex.sav’ which has some example Patterns and sounds. You can load this with PowerPak, most emulators will [...]

PR8: It's close...

Been doing some general tidying and bug fixing and also putting together demo sounds and patterns for some tutorials. The video is just to show off PR8′s sonic dexterity. The only new things to see are the new LEN parameter which sets the number of steps that a Pattern plays for (1 to 16) and [...]

PR8: Not Just For Drums...

This was an unplanned video (and quite a long one) but I thought I’d share it with you. I’d recorded it last night but didn’t get chance to post a link to it because I thought YouTube had crashes. Turns out it had uploaded after all.

While doing some debugging last night, it amused me to [...]