Y’all need to check out Andy Lemon (ne7) and his blog about how to put NTRQ, Pulsar or PR8 onto a real NES cartridge. Yep, that’s correct – REAL CARTRIDGE!


Massive kudos to Andy for his frankly outstanding work in making this happen

PR8/Pulsar: Update V0.99a/V1.02

Don’t get too excited, there’s nothing cool about this update

PR8 V0.99a and Pulsar V1.02 on the Download page.

In response to a couple of issues I’ve added a check at boot-up to determine whether or not the emulator you are using properly supports 32K save files.

If you get this screen (from PR8, similar [...]

Pulsar: Manual Online

As a prelude to starting beta testing I decided to put the manual online on the Development page of this site.

Please link to the Development page and not directly to the manual as it may move or the URL may change.

Read the manual here: Link to Development page.

We Got Ourselves A Reader...

I’m looking for a volunteer. I’ve pretty much completed the manual for Pulsar now and I’d like someone technically minded who has an eye for how a manual should be written to look over it and give me some feedback.

If you’re interested I’d like to know why you think you’d be the right person for [...]

Pulsar: Auto Reverb?

Just thought I’d share this quick video with you all.

Purely by accident I discovered how you can kind-of emulate a reverb type effect using Auto Echo.

What I did was put the same phrase on the two pulse channels and then by setting the Auto Echo on one channel with a fast delay setting and the [...]