Early days yet but I’m just way, way, WAY too excited to keep a lid on this for much longer.

I’ve been working with Chris, creator of MCTRL NES MIDI interface to provide MIDI sync with my software. So far we’ve got PR8 working and even in it’s basic state it nothing short of holy awesome!

Over [...]

cajoNES V1.0

Thought it was about time I threw this out into the wild as I’ve been sat on it for ages now and just not had the time to add all the features I wanted to.

If people find it interesting enough then I might try to find some time to work more on the sync stuff [...]

Supermagic Music Maker ROM

OK, here it is – “SuperMagic Music Maker” ROM!

I was going to make a video but damn I spent a ridiculous amount of time tonight trying to get my video capture stuff working but it just don’t want to. Seems to have happened sometime after an OS update. The price of progress, eh?

Anyway, grab the [...]

Update Roundup!

Sorry it’s been a while but I’ve had quite a turbulent time recently, including (but not limited to) losing my job back in June. I say ‘losing’: jobs tend to get taken off you, don’t they? It’s not like I dropped it down the side of a sofa cushion. It was a shock at first [...]

NTRQ Used For Music Workshops

NTRQ is being used in a series of music workshops run by a Brazilian school.

Details here: